Venue, Days, and Schedule of Subjects

Venue, Days, and Schedule of Subjects

In recent years, the examinations were held during the four Sundays of September of every year at the campus of De La Salle University-Manila along Taft Avenue, Manila.

Starting 2011, the exams will be moved to November, and will be held at the University of Santo Tomas' campus along EspaƱa Boulevard, in Sampaloc, Manila.

On February 8, 2011, the Supreme Court resolved to approve changes to the Rules of Court, thereby altering the schedule for the examinations.

The schedule is now as follows:
  • First Sunday:
    • Political and International Law, Labor and Social Legislation (morning session)
    • Taxation (afternoon session)
  • Second Sunday:
    • Civil Law (morning session)
    • Mercantile Law (afternoon session)
  • Third Sunday:
    • Remedial Law, Legal Ethics (morning session)
    • Criminal Law (afternoon session)
  • Fourth Sunday:
    • Trial Memorandum (morning session)
    • Legal Opinion with one legal form (afternoon session)